We are a team of professional wedding and travel planners located across Canada who curate custom destination wedding packages to unique, natural and breath-taking venues across the country. We work with the best Canadian wedding vendors, destinations, restaurants and caterers, venues, attractions and tour operators, as well as all types of accommodations to ensure that every detail of the wedding and of the trip is taken care of for you and your wedding guests.

It’s what we do best.


Together, let’s find the right place for you to further cultivate your love and wow your wedding guests. Whether it be at an ice castle in the Yukon, a vineyard in Niagara, a cabin in the Rockies, a forest in Algonquin, a ski chalet in Quebec, or on the beach in Prince Edward Island, our team of experts know the best of the best places in Canada in which to tie-the-knot. We look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.

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“You all really did go above and beyond, we honestly don’t have any words to describe how grateful we are to have such a hard working team to make our day magical and memorable.”

Helen and Andrew

“Thank you for everything you have done for us and our wedding guests. The pandemic did make everything difficult but you stood by us and made sure everything was taken care of. Thank you so much. You truly went above and beyond.”

Kayonah and Maxime

“Thank you sooo much for being part of our wedding journey and doing what you do. I’m so glad we had your support during the process.”

Donna and Joben